Tales of Oregon

The Universe Should Pause

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 - 6:37 PM

There are times when the universe should pause. This is one of those times.

My younger sister was killed by cancer yesterday after fighting an epic battle throughout the past three years, but in the end, cancer outlasted her. It always does.

Susan spent 26 years as a prosecuting attorney, assigned to the most horrific crimes imaginable: extreme domestic violence and crimes against children. Afterwards, she was appointed as a District Court judge in New Mexico. When she retired, she moved to Columbus, Ohio – of all places – to be near her Granddaughters, Kayla, Kacey, and Rebecca.

Susan is survived by her three sons, Chris, Jon, and Patrick, and her brothers, David and me.

Susan was universally respected and admired as a person and for her unwavering dedication to the Law and her everyday honesty.

She had been my rock in angry seas, and I remained in awe of her all of my life. I will miss her.

This morning I also lost Ms. Molly, the last of Barbara’s Puppies, to old age.  She lived a long, happy, exciting, and comfortable life, leaving me behind to join her sister, Cocoa, and Barbara just short of her 16th birthday.

Molly was The Adventurer, my Marco Polo, and the reason I survived losing Barb.  A consummate fishing partner, Molly was the first in the family to catch a Chinook salmon and taught me the wisdom of releasing wild fish.  I spent nearly a quarter of my life with Molly, and Oh! what a hole her passing has left.

There are times when the Universe should pause and let us catch our breath… but it never does.